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Is This Bud For You?

FOOD/DRINK | By MIchael Felberbaum | Feb 9
Attention die-hard craft beer drinkers: This Bud's not for you. After several years of losing ground to craft brewers, Anheuser-Busch, the country's biggest brewery, seems to be conceding that its flagship brew may not fly with fans of fancy suds.

Viginia Brewery Taps 300-Year-Old Recipe

FOOD/DRINK | By Michael Felberbaum | Dec 4
What do you get when you combine water, American persimmons and hops and ferment it with yeast? A beer based on a 300-year-old recipe scribbled in a cookbook kept by Virginia's prominent Reynolds family.

Go for the Food: Vermont's Beer Run

FOOD/DRINK | By J.M. Hirsch | Sep 18
Looking for the ultimate beer journey? Seek out Heady Topper, a double IPA by The Alchemist Brewery in Vermont. While you're at it, discover other breweries and food artisans in the Green Mountain State.

Belgium’s Beer Buzz

FOOD/DRINK | By Raf Casert | Apr 21
The Belgian beer federation is trying to rekindle local interest in the drink with a "Proud of our Beers" public awareness campaign, including a tricolor national flag with the middle yellow turned into a glass of beer.

Mass. Monks Start Brewing Beer Like European Brothers

FOOD/DRINK | By Dave Martin | Jan 23
Starting last week, the 63 brothers of St. Joseph’s Abbey - about an hour’s drive west of Boston - began selling the first Trappist beer brewed outside Europe.

Anheuser-Busch Sued Over "Hold my Beer" Videos

FOOD/DRINK | By Jim Salter | Jan 1
A Montana-based craft brewer is suing the world’s largest beer-maker, alleging that popular YouTube videos for Bud Light violate its trademarked phrase, "Hold my beer and watch this."

Craft Beer Craze Creates Black Market

FOOD/DRINK | By Lisa Rathke | Dec 11
As craft brews gain an intense following, a black market bloomed in which opportunists sell for hundreds of dollars top-rated beers that are hard to find, in short supply, expensive or illegal to ship.

Louisiana Brew Trail Launches

FOOD/DRINK | By Melinda Deslatte | Sep 25
Hoist a mug in celebration of Louisiana’s brews. That’s the latest tourist attraction that Lt. Gov. Jay Dardenne is celebrating, introducing the Louisiana Craft Brewery Trail to tout locally-made beers.

Cans Make a Comeback in Craft Beer

FOOD/DRINK | By Michael Felberbaum | Jul 6
Canned beer is making a comeback thanks to craft brewers who are reinventing a classic design.

Florida Growls Over New Beer Law

FOOD/DRINK | By Brendan Farrington | Apr 10
Florida is growling over growlers, 64-ounce beer containers that are preferred by beer enthusiasts but currently banned in the state. Distributors are battling economic developers whether to legalize the the size.

1 thru 10 of 17 Stories