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'Beside Still Waters' :: Undercurrents -- And Letting Go

By Joel Martens | Friday Dec 12, 2014
We all have stories about the things and people we have had to shed. Few of us, however, use that understanding to create a way for the world to share the experience. Chris Lowell has done just that with his new film.

The Foxy Merkins

By Mahalel Kilian Melloy | Friday Dec 5, 2014
From Madeleine Olnek and the crew who brought you "Codependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same" comes the new lesbian comedy "The Foxy Merkins."

Lesbian Hooker Flick 'The Foxy Merkins' Opens in New York

By Winnie McCroy | Wednesday Dec 3, 2014
A lesbian hooker takes a newbie under her wing as they find their way through a world of bargain-hunting housewives and double-dealing conservative women in "The Foxy Merkins," opening in Dumbo on Friday.

'The Way he Looks' Director Daniel Ribeiro Talks Gay Movie

By David Lamble | Saturday Nov 8, 2014
'The Way He Looks' offers fascinating clues about how our senses shape and inform our sexuality. Brazilian director Daniel Ribeiro talks about his film.

The Gays

By Mahalel Kilian Melloy | Monday Nov 3, 2014
What would it be like if you were raised from birth to be gay? You won't find out from this satire of contemporary gay life that misfires in every direction.

I Am Happiness on Earth

By Mahalel Kilian Melloy | Sunday Oct 26, 2014
If you have the strength and concentration for it, this self-aware and self-absorbed movie proves to be so much more than a low-budget, gay "8 ½."

Floating Skyscrapers

By Mahalel Kilian Melloy | Monday Oct 20, 2014
"Floating Skyscrapers" is a nuanced and steamily downcast study of what still qualifies as forbidden love in an age of sweeping social progress.

Two: The Story of Roman & Nyro

By Mahalel Kilian Melloy | Tuesday Oct 14, 2014
Through the use of interviews and home footage, this film relates the story of how accomplished songwriter Desmond Child and his husband Curtis Shaw planned and executed the surrogacy and birth of their twin sons Roman and Nyro.

Ft. Lauderdale Gay and Lesbian Film Festival Profiles

By Mike Halterman | Friday Oct 10, 2014
The Fort Lauderdale Gay and Lesbian Film Festival plays Oct. 10-12 and 16-19. Here are a few standouts you should try not to miss.

Broken Gardenias

By Mahalel Kilian Melloy | Thursday Oct 9, 2014
Through all its go-everywhere plotting and melodramatics, "Broken Gardenias" never betrays that early promise to document naked humor behavior

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