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Worlds Collide for Creators of 'Star Wars: Battlefront' Game

By Derrik J. Lang | Nov 20
The developers of "Star Wars: Battlefront" got off to a rocky start when building a level based on the upcoming blockbuster "The Force Awakens."

Game Review: 'Call of Duty' Cyber War Still Gets Bloody

By Lou Kesten | Nov 15
It's 2065, and while most of the fighting is done by drones and robots, there's still a role for cybernetically modified humans on the battlefield.

'Call of Duty' Meet 'Candy Crush': A Look at Game Mergers

By Derrick J. Lang | Nov 8
Activision's deal unveiled Tuesday to acquire "Candy Crush" publisher King Entertainment for $5.9 billion eclipses several recent video game industry acquisitions.

Game Review: 'Tri Force Heroes' Doesn't Try Hard Enough

By Derrick J. Lang | Nov 1
While "Tri Force Heroes" looks like a "Zelda" game, it certainly doesn't have the spirit of one.

Review: Apple TV Brings iPhone-Like Apps to the Big Screen

Oct 29
It turns out that Apple's streaming-TV box - aptly named Apple TV - isn't just for streaming anymore. Its latest incarnation, which ships this week, offers on the big screen just about anything you could previously only do on an iPhone or iPad.

'Assassin's Creed' Calls on Historian for London Edition

By Derrik J. Lang | Oct 25
Judith Flanders has never played video games, so no one was more surprised than the historian herself when she was approached by the developers of the "Assassin's Creed" franchise.

Review: Activision's 'Guitar Hero' Reboot Kicks Out the Jams

By Lou Kesten | Oct 24
I've been to dozens of rock concerts, and there are a few things I've always wondered: What's it like to perform in front of a stadium full of adoring fans? "Guitar Hero Live" tries to answer those questions.

Forbes Lists Video Gamer 'PewDiePie' As Top YouTube Earner

Oct 17
YouTube's top-earning celebrity is a 25-year-old video-game-playing jokester who took in $12 million over the past year.

A Look at the New Gamblit Game Station

Oct 10
As Las Vegas casinos try to lure the next generation of gamblers, companies are creating games that will appeal to younger gamers.

Kim Davis Immortalized in Android Video Game 'Condemn Kim'

Sep 29
Kim Davis has her own video game for Android devices. But don't expect the defiant Rowan County clerk to download it anytime soon.

A Look at the Future of Cars at the Frankfurt Auto Show

Sep 24
The Frankfurt Auto Show gave automotive enthusiasts a glimpse of the future -- Porsche rivals Tesla with their impressive concept car, new tech may help save lives and two cars seen only in the Gran Turismo video game are brought to life.

At A Virtual Reality Expo, VR Comes in Many Forms

By Derrik J. Lang | Aug 30
At the third annual VRLA, a gathering of VR creators and enthusiasts in Southern California, the immersive technology transported more than 2,000 attendees to other countries, worlds and dimensions.

'Metal Gear Solid V' A Technical, Tactical Marvel

By Derrick J. Lang | Aug 27
This time, Snake isn't operating solo in the field. He's able to call on a trusty steed, trained attack dog, mechanized robot walker and assassin sidekick for assistance.

'Until Dawn' Adds Clever Twists to Teen Horror Genre

By Lou Kesten | Aug 27
Years of horror movies have taught us the proper response to an invitation to spend a weekend at a cabin in the woods: No thanks.The kids in "Until Dawn" have even more reason to stay home: The last time they went, two of their friends vanished.

Video Gaming Championship Attracts Sold-Out Crowd

Aug 27
Fans filled New York's Madison Square Garden for the League of Legends North American Championship.

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