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Cinema Review :: True Story

By Kilian Melloy | Apr 17
The film wants to feel important, and it flirts with being a procedural -- but it would have done better to stick with celebrating the slippery interface between facts and the human truths we construct from them.

Cinema Review :: Monkey Kingdom

By Michael Cox | Apr 17
The values of this movie reflect middle-class American culture far more than they expose any insight into the realities of nature, but the extraordinarily beautiful cinematography of "Monkey Kingdom" is reason alone to see this film on the big screen.

Blu-ray/DVD Review :: Invaders from Mars

By Ken Tasho | Apr 15
Scream Factory gives us science fiction aficionados a chance to witness Tobe Hooper's retelling of a 1953 semi-classic from those paranoid times.

Blu-ray/DVD Review :: Happy Valley

By Louise Adams | Apr 15
The name of the bucolic Penn State University campus is also the title of Amir Bar-Lev's documentary exploring the culture, cost and aftermath of deifying college football and its coaches.

Cinema Review :: About Elly

By Robert Nesti | Apr 15
It has taken five years for "About Elly" to reach these shores, but it is worth the wait.

Blu-ray/DVD Review :: Hustler White

By Michael Cox | Apr 15
For fans of campy, BDSM sensationalism, Strand Releasing has reissued LaBruce and Rick Castro's 16mm film "Hustler White," now restored in HD on Blu-ray Disc.

Blu-ray/DVD Review :: Carrie and Carrie 2: The Rage

By Ken Tasho | Apr 14
These second-rate films prove just how well director Brian DePalma's 1976 adaptation of Stephen King's novel holds up.

Blu-ray/DVD Review :: Double Feature :: That Man from Rio and Up to His Ears

By Kilian Melloy | Apr 14
The 1964 comic adventure romp "That Man From Rio" gets a lovely restoration and 2K scan to Blu-ray thanks to Cohen Media Group, which pairs the film with its 1965 successor, "Up To His Ears."

Blu-ray/DVD Review :: Double Feature: Eddie & The Cruisers 1 & 2

By Ken Tasho | Apr 14
The 1983 box office flop that later garnered a sizable cult following can now be purchased on Blu-ray along with its companion sequel as a double-feature.

Blu-ray/DVD Review :: A Most Violent Year

By Frank J. Avella | Apr 13
This anxiety-ridden film often feels like "Chinatown" reset in New York and directed by Sidney Lumet.

10 thru 19 of 5577 Stories