Signature Cocktail Creations

Signature Cocktail Creations


Lauded as "The Cocktail Avatar" by Esquire Magazine, New York Mixologist, Herb Westphalen, is famed for his creative and often outrageous cocktails. Herb crafts his delicious and exquisite libations to suit every kind of event, personality and venue.

Westphalen’s original cocktails have been guzzled at gay bars, restaurants, inns, weddings and private events all over Manhattan and all over the world!


  • Frederick, 2011-01-27 23:20:11

    I had the Jack-O-Lantern last Halloween. Creamily delectable, it’s one of the most memorable Halloween cocktails I’ve ever had. Matter of fact, I can’t recall that I ever had a cocktail custom-designed for Halloween that was as good a fit as this, with pumpkin puree being used for both flavor and color. Another of Herb’s Signature Cocktails that I and my friends have just tried is the Tartan. We couldn’t wait to try it once we saw it posted tonight. Once again, the distinctive ginger flavor makes this one a standout. Be warned though: candied ginger is quite potent, so nibble at the garnish and don’t wolf it down in one mouthful, as my friend Joe discovered too late! ;-) We like it so much, we will be asking the bartender at our favorite bar if he can make it for us. Frederick, New York.

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