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There could not be a better title for an inspiring song or album than original and founding Supremes member Mary Wilson has for her current single and upcoming album than "Life’s Been Good To Me."

Coming out of the housing projects in Detroit and signing a record deal with prominent black owned record label Motown as a teenager as a member of the legendary Supremes, Miss Wilson’s life has lived out a fairytale story. We all know that fairytales also have moments of disappointment and sorrow along the way, and Wilson’s life story is no different.


  • R. Mark Desjardins, 2012-12-08 00:00:07

    It’s great that Mary Wilson has found her own voice and feels fully confident in her talent as an entertainer in her own right. The Supremes were an iconic group, but life moves on and Mary has a large following who are interested in what she can offer today. All the best in your current endeavors!

  • Anonymous, 2013-04-28 03:05:19

    I Certainly have to chime in and say that ’I’ in particular am proud of what Ma Wilson has done thru perseverance, as I have watched her and been mentored ’by’ her every step of the way with my own life, and have become what ’I’ indeed have, because of HER Life being Good to HER! She will never understand what she has meant to ME and so many others in life, but me in particular, becoming what I AM today, as a performer and artist myself...... The Supremes and Mary Wilson have molded ME, and taught ’ME’ how to do ANYthing in ANY genre that I may have been isolated from before, had they NOT ’been’! I Continue to thank GOD for HIS using THIS woman as a MAJOR influence on my life, since childhood! God Bless You Mary! Carl

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