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What to Know About IRS Changes Before Filing Taxes

Jan 21
The IRS is open for business, and Americans can begin filing electronic and paper returns. With IRS budget cuts and changes from the Affordable Care Act, tax-filers should brace for delays.

President Obama Proposing New Cybersecurity Legislation

Jan 14
President Obama is proposing new legislation to encourage businesses in the private sector to share information with federal officials. The goal is to predict and stop a cyber threat before it even happens.

Being Uninsured in America will Cost You More

By Richardo Alonso-Zaldivar | Dec 31
Being uninsured in America will cost you more in 2015. It's the first year all taxpayers have to report to the Internal Revenue Service whether they had health insurance for the previous year, as required under President Barack Obama's law.

Should Americans Worry About this Year's Flu Strain?

Dec 30
The CDC has officially upgraded the flu to epidemic status. CBSN talks to Mayo Clinic Infectious Disease Physician Dr. Pritish Tosh about the continuing flu concerns across the country.

Insurers Dogged by Claims of Slanted Sandy Reports

By David B. Caruso, Michael Kunzelman | Dec 29
When Superstorm Sandy hit the East Coast, flood insurance companies working for the Federal Emergency Management Agency dispatched an army of structural engineers to do some detective work.

3 Tips to Help Use Remaining Health Account Funds

By Tom Murphy | Dec 18
Sunscreen may not top many shopping lists this time of year, but stocking up now can keep you from wasting money. December is the final month for many people with employer-sponsored health coverage to spend the remaining balance.

Marijuana Research Projects Getting State Funding

By Kristen Wyatt | Dec 17
Colorado is awarding more than $8 million for medical marijuana research. Researchers say it the first time government money will be used to explore marijuana's medical potential.

How Taking a Small Business Risk Creates Rewards

By Sarah Skidmore Sell | Dec 5
Only about half of new businesses survive beyond five years, according to U.S. Census data. But research shows that those who are able to keep their doors open for several years can improve their income.

4 Benefits Changes that May Stem from Overhaul Tax

By Tom Murphy | Nov 14
Experts say the impact of a health care overhaul tax that doesn't start until 2018 is already being felt. Millions of employees are learning this month about changes in their employer-sponsored health coverage for 2015.

A New Supreme Court Challenge for 'Obamacare'

By Mark Sherman | Nov 10
The Supreme Court agreed Friday to hear a new challenge to President Barack Obama's health care law - a case that threatens subsidies that help millions of low- and middle-income people afford their health insurance premiums.

6 thru 15 of 90 Stories